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Applying for the Sea Global Management Associate Program (Sea Global MAP)

  • When can I apply for Sea Global MAP 2024?

    • Applications are open till October 2023.
  • Can I indicate my preference for more than one core business?

    • You can indicate your preference for either core business i.e. either (1) Garena or (2) Shopee & SeaMoney.
    • Your preference will be taken into account in the final allocation. Final allocation is subjected to management's discretion, and will be discussed with you during the offer stage.
  • Can I change my preference for the core business that I have indicated in my application form?

    • You may email seagmap@sea.com to indicate a change in your preference.
    • However, if you have already been shortlisted for any parts of the selection process, please stick to the selection process. Should you reach the offer stage, the program team will discuss with you further on your business unit.
  • What is the difference between the Sea Global Management Associate Program (Sea Global MAP) and Shopee & SeaMoney's Graduate Development Program (GDP)?

    • Sea Global MAP is our flagship global program, designed for aspiring graduates who are seeking global learning opportunities and exposure across our core businesses. Shopee & SeaMoney's GDP is a local graduate program, that allows graduates to deep-dive into the local landscape, across functions in Shopee & SeaMoney.
    • Sea Global MAPShopee & SeaMoney's Graduate Development Program (GDP)
      Starting Rotation LocationGarena: Shanghai
      Shopee & SeaMoney: Singapore
      Respective Shopee & SeaMoney local offices
      Mentorship DesignReceive direct mentorship from C-suiteReceive direct mentorship from Country Heads of the local offices
      Rotation Design4 Rotations with
      • 3 Rotations in preferred business unit i.e. Garena or Shopee & SeaMoney
      • 1 Cross-business Rotation
      All 4 Rotations in Shopee & SeaMoney
      Rotation Locations1-2 Rotations in starting location, subsequent rotations may be based outside starting location3 rotations in starting local office with 1 rotation based overseas
  • Will I able to apply for both Sea Global MAP and Shopee & SeaMoney's GDP?

    • No, please only apply for one program. You are encouraged to apply for the program that resonates with your professional interests and career goals.

About the selection criteria

  • Is Sea Global MAP only open to fresh graduates?

    • Sea Global MAP is open to fresh graduates and candidates with less than 2 years of full-time working experience (as of the last day of application window).
  • Are you looking for specific majors or educational backgrounds?

    • We welcome candidates from all majors and backgrounds!
    • For candidates with Accountancy backgrounds who are looking for a stronger finance technical focus, you may want to check out our Finance Management Associate Program: fma.sea.com
  • What do you look out for in Management Associates?

    • Apart from academic excellence, we place importance on the candidate’s holistic development such as having a good track record in co-curricular activities, exhibiting leadership qualities and being passionate about making a difference through technology. Candidates should also be driven, adaptable and a team player.

About the selection process

  • Are interview rounds conducted face-to-face or virtually?

    • There will be a mix of face-to-face and virtual interviews. More details will be shared with shortlisted candidates.
  • I am currently studying overseas. Can I still apply for the Sea Global MAP?

    • Yes. However, do note that the selection rounds will be scheduled according to the respective timezones that the interview is conducted from.
  • Is there a limit on the number of Management Associates that Sea is hiring?

    • We do not have a limit as we are on a lookout for talented individuals.
  • When can I expect to receive an offer?

    • If you are shortlisted, you can expect to receive an offer in December 2023.

About the Sea Global Management Associate Program (Sea Global MAP)

  • Where would be the starting rotation location?

    • The starting rotation location for Garena will be in Shanghai whereas the starting rotation location for Shopee & SeaMoney will be in Singapore.
  • Can I switch to another core business while rotating between different departments and teams?

    • Once you have started the program, we encourage you to continue with your core business, unless you have any strong reason to change it. Nevertheless, the program has been designed such that you will be allowed to rotate to a corporate function at Sea, or cross-business rotations i.e. to Garena, or to Shopee & SeaMoney.
  • Will Management Associates be able to choose which department they want to join during the 2-year program?

    • Your preferences, skill sets, and the business needs will be taken into consideration when deciding which departments you will rotate to during the 2-year program.
  • What happens after the 2-year program?

    • The Management Associate will be assigned to a department. Your performance during the 2 years, preferences, skill sets and the business needs will be taken into consideration for your landing role.

Other questions

  • Who can I contact if I have more questions?